• How do I download the files ?

Just click on any image, scroll down to the page and find the Add to Cart button and click on it. The product will be sent to your cart. Click on Checkout and follow the instructions. After the purchase will be completed scroll down and press the Download button. You will be downloading your files as a .zip file which you will need to extract (unzip) in order to access SVG, DXF, PNG and an EPS file.

  • Where i can find my purchase ?

After the purchase is completed scroll down and press the Download Now button. Also an email will be automatically sent to your email address including your purchase. Open the email and follow the instructions. If the email isn't inside of your inbox check the spam folder as well. 

After the purchase is completed you have to do the following simple steps :

Step. 1 - Scroll down until you find Download Now button.

Step. 2 - Press the Download Now button.


Now your file download will be automatically started. Happy Crafting !

  • How to unzip the files ?

When you download one file, it will come in .zip format. You will have to unzip it. In the unzipped file, you will find four formats – SVG, DXF, PNG, and EPS. If you are a beginer we recommend you watching a Youtube tutorial about How To Unzip Files on (iPhone, android, computer, iMac, or any other platform you will be using)

  • PC: Right-click on the zip file and click “Unzip” or “Extract” (depending on your computer)
  • MAC: Simply double-click on the zip file and it will unzip.
  • iPhone: Download app ‘iZip’ from App Store. Unzip the file using the app. Import it into software app.
  • Android: Select the file and click on ‘Extract.’ Import to software app and use.